Sweater Swelter

Laura was speculating today that we're knitting sweaters in this super-hot, dry summer to remember that cool and even cold weather will arrive eventually. We knit on the fourth of July, between the drippy ice cream cones and fireworks. We knit today, sprawled out in the AC, which has not shut off for days. It's hot here y'all.

This sweater has been a very pleasant knit. I've never knit a seamless raglan sweater before and the top-down construction is so elegant and easy! I've reached the end of my first skein of yarn and am in a holding pattern until more Peace Fleece arrives. But I'm happy I got far enough to be able to take the sweater off the needles and try it on.

I'm knitting the size S, and aiming for a slim, fitted cardigan that isn't too snug. Here's a closer view. 

I really like the neckline, I'll try to get a better photo of that for the next update.

Laura's just completed the garter section of the yoke and is moving into the raglan shaping. She's got two skeins of yarn, so she'll soon pull ahead in the progress. I love that in a totally coincidental and untaught way Laura and I hold our yarn in just the same way. 

It's kind of a hybrid, as you can knit without dropping the needle, but the yarn is still held in the right hand. Or who knows, maybe this is a super-common way everyone holds their yarn. I keep meaning to pay more attention at my knitting group. Since we're both lefties, you'd think continental would be a natural fit, but I haven't taken to it. I'm impressed with Laura's knitting skills, she's totally got the pattern figured out. It's really fun to both be knitting the same project. 

Anyway, I'm headed north to my parent's farm for a week, and while it pains me to not be able to work on the sweater, I've got a few good new projects for the blog to work on, including the never-ending cozy collection.