World's smallest KAL

It's so hot right now we're just lying about like lizards in the AC, waiting for it to rain. It's a job to just stay cool right now. My family has a strange case of cabin fever, which is something I expect more in January than July. But happily, Laura and her boys have been stopping by fairly regularly and we are all happy for the distraction of cousins and sisters. 

All this sitting around has led to some more non-book knitting. I'm still finishing the collection of cozies- 

as I keep finding new sizes of mason jars. Looks like this pattern collection will have patterns for knitting cozies for 6 mason jar sizes, a beer bottle and the 4 Kleen Kanteen "classic" bottles. I'm having fun messing around with stripes.  

And might try dryer felting for the first time when I felt them. I'm hoping to get this pattern finished up soon and will be selling it on Ravelry and in our shop

Meanwhile, Laura and I both wanted to make sweaters for this winter. The only adult-size sweater I've made was a cardigan for Laura knitted with Peace Fleece Worsted. It's now 5 years old and I am impressed with the way it has worn. Plus, I love the colors and heathery bits in their yarn, and it's very reasonably priced. PLUS, I have some leftover from knitting slippers to get both of us started. I did surprisingly little research on Ravelry and ended up with the Garter Yoke Cardi. Here it is on Ravelry.

And we cast on last night. I'm feeling a bit bad because Laura is still a relatively new knitter I assured her it was a super-simple pattern. Then of course we quickly realized all the short-row shaping and increases happen in the first 40 rows. After you get down past the yoke it IS simple knitting. So her yoke might be a collaboration between both of us. Here's mine after working on it at our knitting group last night.

It's always a neat trick when a project goes from being just a ball of yarn to the actual start of something. 

Yesterday this project didn't exist but now all of a sudden I have something new to pick up as I sit under the fan and drink yet another iced coffee.