Time to be a tourist

Even though, or maybe because, we are in the midst of building our house, we took an idyllic vacation a couple of weeks ago at my parent’s farm in PA. Just being there is inspiring:We spent a lot of time pawing through junk at Renningers’ :just doing what the sign says:one favorite $5- find:( I think owning this gives me some real street cred as a knitter...)

We spent an afternoon riding the WK&S excursion train-and they have a snack bar and a souvenir shop, so it was appropriately vacation-y. I wish this kind of travel was still a reality: I really wanted to steal the stool used to get in and out of the train cars:And in case you were thinking about needing to spit in this dreamy train car:don't even think about it:We also toured the Gruber Wagon Works near Reading, there were so many cool old tools and ingenuity in evidence-check out these drawers made from paint cans:I wonder if it is too late to tuck a little office like this in the house we are building:Oh, and I want a shelf of tacks and nails like this in our shed:And now, back to reality:This is where we are at on the foundation for the house we are building! We've hired guys to do the excavation and lay the block. So, other than clearing brush this spring, painting on that black waterproofing goop was the first real work I've done on it. That big white tower is 2 inch foam to go inside the block walls, under our cement slab floor. The gravel goes in too-that pile is 25 tons-altogether we need 75 tons. The dirt pile will be used to backfill after the drains are in. Hmm, doesn't look like much, but things are happening. We will be hammering nails soon!