Cozy Explosion

It began innocently enough. With all 30+ pairs of slipper samples for the book completed and safely delivered to Japan for photography (!!), I wanted to knit something small and quick for myself. I recently bought a Cuppow and since I gave away the sample for the felted Mason Jar Cozy I made for our little e-book, I've been meaning to make another one for myself for a while. I've got lots of scraps of yarn left from the book project so I thought of course a rainbow was the way to go. Here it is pre-felting:

Laura admired the colors when she visited yesterday and I know she needs a beer cozy, so I dashed off one for her.

Soon though, as it often goes with me, things got out of hand. 

My porch is a cozy-making factory and the only thing that will stop me is when I run out of yarn or remember that I am actually not done working on the book. 


I've got plans to add leather handles to a few, and I'm taking notes so the patterns are forthcoming.