More Presents

I'm feeling very fortunate these days.

Laura went to PA last week and brought me a few presents-  

An old basket from the auction.

And some pretty little napkins from Anthropologie. Also from the auction, two tiny boxes of "shoe nails" or clinching nails. Both of them still have plenty of tiny useable nails inside. I particularly like the box with the windmill from the "Holland MFG CO" since our family has Dutch roots. 

And I can finally blog about a birthday present my friend Laura made for me. She also made one for my sister Laura and just finished that one.

It's the Rag Doily pattern from CocoKnits and she made it from an old sheet. It's very squishy and soft and I may keep it in the studio to protect it from my boys' dirty feet. 

Our library's "new arrivals" shelf often contains gifts plunked down in my path. It's like shopping, but free (except for the inevitable overdue fines of course...) and our librarians do an excellent job of choosing new books to buy. We went yesterday and they had the book that all the cool kids online are talking about. I stayed up too late reading it last night and kept waking up my patient husband because I was laughing to the point of tears. 

Finally, after decades of not being a "winner" of really anything except for a Halloween costume contest in second grade (my costume featured a rainbow wig and foam nose...), I won an ice cream maker from a giveaway David Lebovitz did with Cuisinart. It came in the mail this week and my boys and I made ice cream yesterday- chocolate chip cookie dough was our first go. Now Avery's insisting that pistachio gelato should be next on the list and I can't argue with that. 

Laura and I just realized that this week marks the 5 year anniversary of this space online and so we're planning to do some present-giving of our own next week, stay tuned! 

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