In my unintended blog break I've been acting like the book is done (though it isn't quite) and have tackled things around the house that I've let go over the past 6 months. My studio is now clean, bedroom de-cluttered and pantry almost organized. 

In case that sounds too productive, I've also been doing a lot of nothing- catching up on blogs, doing extra baking, sleeping in and reading books about making staplescookingtaking care of business and making art

I made a few summertime necklaces because I don't have nearly enough sequins in my life- 

I've been grateful for my extra-long hose and watering, watering, watering my vegetable garden beds daily which look quite different than they did a two months ago

My boys and I are harvesting and using the herbs in our garden. We now have huge jars of dry thyme, mint, lemon balm and oregano ready for wintertime tea and cooking. Much to the bees' annoyance, I trimmed most of my lavender and made a wreath.

Laura and I also made a big batch of the healing salve that was printed in the most recent issue of Taproot.

Swimming and ice cream making are on my agenda for today, two summertime activities we haven't yet pursued. How are you spending your summer?