Katie and I have a history of making birthday gifts for each other. These projects are often both ambitious and last minute…this year we gave each other almost finished things, only to take them back for a day or two to tie up loose ends. I’ll share what I made first, and in a bit Katie will cover  her projects for me. I made Katie the boatneck jumper from Simple Modern Sewing:I used an undyed cotton linen blend from Dharma Trading Company. Despite all the dyeing paraphernalia and supplies I have is all packed away, I used RIT and am so pleased with the result-and so quick and easy. First I dyed the yardage pearl grey, sewed up the dress, then dipped the bottom in denim blue-the darker bottom for 5 minutes, and the mountain range-y top for 1 minute. Nerve wracking, but also had some of the “what-will-it-look-like?” anticipation of tie-dyeing. It looks a bit tent-y here, but actually fits nicely, and has softened up and drapes better after being laundered. The shoulder flap is a cunning detail:I also made Katie a T-shirt from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. A thrifted size L tee transformed:I had to add a front center seam to make the pattern piece fit on the fabric pieces from the shirt I started with, and I widened and scooped the neck a bit. I’m finally getting the hand of cretan stitch:I don't have much experience sewing clothes, so it still feels like a gamble when I start a project. Making garments that will please someone else is an additional complication!  Happily, Katie has found both pieces to be welcome additions to her wardrobe.