Beyond the Box opening

Tonight was the opening for the Beyond the Box II exhibit at the Berea Arts Council. This is usually the kind of thing that I would just go to by myself, but my kids wanted to see Laura's piece and Michael wanted to go too, so our whole family went. So did Laura's of course- here's her series of posts about making her piece. It was fun to see so many friends and their artwork. My six year-old Avery and I decided to bring our cameras to document the event, here are some of our highlights. 

Laura, Arts Council Director Gwen Childs and Susan King

Heather Richardson

Laura Poulette

Marc Reyes

Pamela Cveticanin

Sarah Brumfield 

Teresa Libby

Teresa Cole

My whole family enjoyed the show and I wish there was something like this to go to once a month. The boys are really maturing and were able to pick out some favored pieces and they had fun finding artists they know from around town. Soon though, they were happier playing out back, outside with their cousins. We may have overstayed a bit as they raided the snack table one too many times and one of us, our youngest family member, was increasingly discontent to put it politely. And the tears from more than one of us on the way home made me wonder why I thought it would be smooth and easy to go to a social function before eating dinner for the evening.

I sent the boys to their room so everyone could cool off while I figured out what to make for dinner. Avery often flies little notes out to us on a paper airplane when he's temporarily banished. This is what he sent out tonight. I know it's sad and mad, but also kinda funny. 

The way he drew me was exactly how I felt! Happily, one giant batch of pancakes later, we are all feeling better and happy we live in a community of artists. And I'm glad the boys went, perfect outing or not.