Unexplainable crocheting

Things are careening off track a bit over here in the fiber department. I have a book deadline in 6 days. I have several skeins of new yarn to knit up into cozy slippers. My to-do list covers 2 pages.

But yesterday morning I saw this dress pop up on Pinterest.

And I was possessed with an unshakable desire to make something like it.  

Last night I brushed up on my long-latent crocheting skills.

(Isn't the cover of that book a hoot?!) 

And here is where I'm at this morning:

It's fast (so fast)! It's square and regular! It's cool and summery! I think I'm in love. I'm almost out of yarn, so I will be forced to return to my knitting and book work, at least for today. But stay tuned. I think there's more crochet in my future.