Working in the Studio

Slippers abound on the worktable this morning. The ones on the left are all done and the ones on the right need a bit of attention.

I have an unfortunate tendency to finish all my projects up to about 90% completion and then move on to something else. But since these are the samples to be photographed for the book, they need to be 100% finished. That's what I'm doing this weekend- snipping threads, adding buttons, and securing beads before I ship everything off to Japan for their beauty shots. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the studio is a bit forlorn. What isn't messy is empty.

The shelves held my works in progress and I couldn't stand the way the bulletin board looked like a haircut half-done, so I cleaned it off all the way and started fresh, saving only a neon pom pom, fancy reflective thread, and a photo of me and my sisters from the "old" board 

The new board is only inhabited now by my annual "goal lists," a new note from my editor and two timely quotes Laura transcribed for me. Both are from the book Imagine, which I am anxious to read after hearing about it from her. 

And  this one- 

Both good, huh? The first one is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. 

I have to add that I am completely aware that this book project is far from over, lots of work remains.  But from here out, I think most of the work is going to be on the computer, polishing math, back-and-forth edits, "supervising" Michael's illustrations (my husband is doing the illustrations for the book), and that sort of thing. But coming up with new ideas- roving through books, thrift stores, and old Toast catalogs is done for now. It feels like the right time to clear out that visual stuff that was once inspiring but now feels like clutter. 

Do you have an inspiration board? How do you re-populate it? Laura and I are tumbling over a big new project that will need a mood board, but I think that needs to live somewhere else, as it will be shared and more specific.

Anyway, I'm just procrastinating getting back to my spot at the work table at this point, back to work!