Another gardening aside

So, chard. I think I know why it's so popular as a vegetable in the garden. It's photogenic.

It's early to mature into a luxurient mass of green and is unbothered by slugs and whatever 4-legged creature that is neatly eating the tops off my beans and cukes. My raised beds are street-side and the chard has been a real conversation starter with the mailman and many neighbors walking by. It is really putting on a show right now.

I mostly love chard for it's rainbow possibilities. Here are the same plants as above but after harvesting. I tried to plant them in rainbow order, but it was hard to tell the difference between the orange and red when they were babies. Also I didn't have many yellow plants. 

The only bad thing is, (and it's a pretty bad thing), there are only a few at our house that really love chard. 

I think part of the problem is that I am so taken with the way the chard looks that I harvest the leaves when they are flabby and overgrown. That's what the chickens have here. I am going to try some new recipes with some of the more tender, new leaves soon. Meanwhile, do you have any favorite chard recipes?