I'll be right back

The book, garden, children, kitchen and studio have crowded out this space from my life for the past couple weeks, and I've really missed posting here. I have a few good projects to share soon, including an update on the crochet situation. But for now, here are some quick updates:

:: Country Living Magazine rounded up blogers from each of the 50 states and gathered great places to eat, shop, or visit this summer. We were happy to represent Kentucky, and it was easy to think of our favorite coffee shop in Berea. 

:: I just have to share one of the few gardening successes I've had this year. This is softneck garlic that I planted last fall and it's beautiful. In my tiny garden, I never need a wheelbarrow for harvesting, usually just tucking the few peas or tomatoes in my upturned t-shirt bottom, so it was doubly rewarding to harvest such a "large" crop of garlic. 

:: Laura and I made birthday gifts for each other. One of my gifts for her is not finished and is languishing on my worktable, but I did have fair success designing and hand-sewing a large organizer wallet. She made me a pretty linen shift and a hand-stitched t-shirt. More on all that soon.

:: Things are a bit of a mess in the studio as the final deadline for all the knitted samples for the slipper book has been moved up because all of the finished samples are going to Japan to be photographed. It is all very exciting and I can't believe that I'm almost done knitting slippers. Did I really design and knit 26 pairs of slippers in the last 6 months? Four more to go and then on to more writing, math and editing. But for now, the sofa bed is covered with yarn, beads, and a tangle of embroidery floss. There's no room for Rascal in his favorite napping spot. 

:: My inspiration board is depressingly bare, after I removed all the pretty images and swatches to send to Japan. All that remains are a few notes, receipts and swatches that didn't quite work.

And I have to say that I am really looking forward to taking everything off this board and starting fresh and new, for a new, as-yet-undecided project.