box project-continued

Continuing the box saga from yesterday…I'm still not happy with the stitched drawing:

It just isn't right...I'll stop talking about it now. I'm going to have the model go it alone, I don't think it needs the drawings. Anyway, the boxes came with really cool old labels on them...I cut the words apart to get the letters I needed, tea dyed white paper to match the label color, and glued it all back together to make a label for the box in its new guise:The boxes were put together with little finish nails, I was glad to have such adorable help with the deconstruction:

Making so many detailed cuts was daunting until I got a fantastic new toy tool birthday gift:I’ve wanted a scroll saw for ages and can’t wait to be done with my box project so I can mess around with it! It didn’t take long to get the walls and roofs of my model cut out. Strider helped me by using our cute, tiniest nail gun to get it all together. I finished all the window and door edges with paper "trim", and then waxed the whole thing with beeswax and flaxseed oil. Turns out silver rub-n-buff is perfect for mimicking a galvanized metal roof, I love that stuff. It was super fun to find *just* the right spot in our little mossy glade to photograph the finished piece:


I spent this morning hurriedly finishing the window trim and waxing the walls, and got it turned in to the exhibit with hours to spare, phew,  deadline met.