box project

Our arts council is putting on a unique invitational show. They’ve given out plywood boxes made decades ago to store sheet music-discovered during the renovation of a local church:When I got my boxes, I was just finishing drawings for the house we are going to build, so a little model of the house seemed an obvious project. I figured a model needs drawings to go with it, and I’ve been wanting to mess around with embroidered drawings…so first I set to work transferring my floor plan to fabric:I worked the stitching in split stitch, using my round quilting hoop so I could work on an entire floor at once. Major frustration ensued when I washed the finished stitching to remove stray pencil marks, and…it shrunk. It was a wrinkly, puckered mess, oh and the whole project due in a week! To salvage my “drawing” (after ignoring the problem for days) I stretched it on wooden canvas stretcher bars. It is still a bit funky, but mostly ok.
Tomorrow I’ll share the finished "drawing" and show what I’m doing with the boxes.

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