My Monday Worktable

Today's another deadline day- I'm putting the finishing touches on six more patterns to send to my editor. This batch had some fun surface-design details and I finally got to pull out the dime store sequins I've been hoping to use. 

I also riffled through my bead box for some seed beads to stitch on a colorful slipper. 

Laura did some needlefelting on a slipper upper and then I added sequins and beads. The combo of the felting, beads, and sequins is so great! I think this design is my new favorite and wish I could share more. 

There's also the promise of returning to a "non-book" project for the afternoon if I can get everything sent off in time- 

 Though some last-minute issues with "document syntax errors" are making that unlikely. Either way, I have a slightly-messy, multimedia work table today, which is just the way I like it. What are you working on today?