Making a baby spoon

A friend is expecting a baby and her shower was this weekend. I brought a sweet and tiny mug and bowl from my favorite local potter, Teresa Cole.  

But they were missing something. So I skipped out on knitting for the afternoon and worked with wood. It was SO much fun. I miss it. I didn't think my project would turn out because I am out of practice, so I didn't take photos of the early steps of roughing out the shape with my baby axe (that is seriously what it is called and it is so adorable, but super-powerful and useful that it might be my favorite tool of all time.) But when I got to this point, 

I figured I was in the clear and began documenting the process a bit. 

 Carving out the bowl was tricky with such a tiny spoon.

I left the extra wood on the end as a "handle" and it made it much easier to work with.

I wish I was skilled enough that I could just clean everything up with the knife and leave the carving marks, I really like the way that looks. But alas, I am still a beginner, and sandpaper is good for removing little places where the grain doesn't meet up perfectly on the curves. 

I used olive oil for oiling this time and the poplar was so dry, I added several coats.

 All done! 

A fine way to spend the afternoon, I think! I'm hoping to do it again soon.