April Garden Wander

This time of year I have a hard time thinking about anything other than gardening. I also want to better record and remember what's going on in my garden. I'm hoping to do weekly posts sharing what's happening in my yard and garden.

I usually putter around my garden first thing in the morning, visiting each bed to see what's growing. Today I took my camera along to show you some things that are growing this week. 

Finally found a way to incorporate the neon trend into my life. These are snap peas that are about a month along.

Here's some spinach that I've had to thin multiple times because I don't have faith in seeds when sowing them in February. It's a lesson I forget and re-learn every year.

These are yellow onions that I planted in a close grid because I like to harvest some as green onions. 

I'm hardening off some seedlings to plant out soon. Here's one of my favorite plants ever- nasturtiums. 

I'm tucking lettuce seedlings in everywhere- this is a planter I'm planning to keep on my porch. 

It's been an unseasonably mild spring and one of our rose bushes had a blossom before the end of March. 

I replaced my mailbox last week and I'm happy with how it turned out- 

The number decals are from Modern House Numbers. They were so easy to apply and look so much better than anything I could have DIY-ed. 

Next week I'll show off a new addition to our front yard. Here's a hint. 

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