New Alabama

The newest Natalie Chanin book- Alabama Studio Sewing + Design is rich with new patterns and inspiration. Before I let myself start a project from the new book, I finished the dress, now a skirt, from Alabama Studio Style I started and set aside ages ago:

I made a size small dress, and the bodice was too small. As a result, I've learned making an unembellished "muslin" first really is a good idea...I cut off the dress bodice at the waist and ta da a skirt that fits fine. I dyed this fabric myself with and love the dove grey. The stencil is the Roses stencil from Alabama Stitch Book. I really enjoyed doing the beading,

especially after making a little beading glove (the glove is in Alabama Stitch Book)-double stick tape keeps the beads in place so you can easily nudge one off onto your needle.

Now that the skirt is finished, I've been on a roll making hats, I'll share them soon!