Come on in! Part 5

Last on the tour of our place is the outdoors. We are just finishing a shed-it is 8 feet x 16 feet and made entirely of local rough cut lumber.

My dad gave us the old sliding door hardware and I painted the window trim.

Strider used old safety glass for the glazing. We are using this shed to store things that won’t fit in our tiny house, tools, and garden stuff. Of course we are wishing we made it twice as big, but the small scale fits with the rest of what we’ve got going on. Before this fall, we plan to build a greenhouse on the south side of the shed.

Last spring before we even lived here in the meadow we started on a vegetable garden.

So far there are 8 raised beds 4 feet x 8 feet.. Only 3 of them have cedar  board sides, we need to get more cedar sawn to do the rest! I tried a hodgepodge of bed making techniques-two beds are sheet compost-I followed the “recipe” from Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemmingway, two are hugelkultur, and the rest are rototilled and turned. We have added any organic matter we can get our hands on, our soil is clay and heavy. I can’t wait to expand the garden, but we need to get the septic system for our “big” house in place first. Our current project is putting a porch on our little house.

Under where the porch floor will be, we have  a 275 gallon food grade plastic tank to store rainwater. We’ve messed around with a hand pump, but it makes the water cloudy with little bits of leather from the leather gasket. So, to get water out of the tank we use a self priming siphon. It is a bit fiddly, but really works once you get the hang of it!