Come on in! Part 4

On with the tour! Not as photogenic subject matter....figuring out a way to get a satisfying hot shower with no running water sounds unlikely, so we were thrilled to find a wonderful gadget-the Zodi shower pump.

It is made for camping and is powered by 4  D cell batteries. We have been using the pump twice daily-and occasionally on the kids-and the batteries last us 10 weeks or so. We put a shower stall in the house for cold weather bathing, but are planning to build an outdoor shower soon! We have always used a solar bag shower for our outdoor shower, but will just move out Zodi pump outside for the summer. We’d like to put together an inexpensive DIY solar hot water heater too….we’ll see how much we get done before starting construction on our house. (Have you seen the site build it solar? Inspiring solar stuff...) I know I shared the outhouse we built last spring already:

I realize for many folks using an outhouse is an unappealing stretch, but we are very content with our simple, low tech set-up.

It has been an easy transition for all of us, even the boys, who now think nothing of slipping on their boots and grabbing the flashlight before bed. We enjoyed making this little building-it is still not quite finished-the top of the back wall lacks its sheathing, and the window trim of course…It is insulated and well vented, so it is warm in the winter and not at all stinky! We have a plastic barrel underneath, and after -ahem-using the facility, cover the deposit with wood shavings- that is what is in the metal barrel. A neighbor who is a woodworker saves us shavings. We were inspired in part by Joseph Jenkins Humanure Handbook.

Next week I'll share some of our outside space and our new shed.

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