Come on in! Part 2

Before I get on with the tour of our house, I thought I‘d better give some vital stats. We built this building to serve as a temporary-hopefully just a year or two-shelter while we build a bigger, permanent house across the meadow. Eventually we plan to use this as a studio/guesthouse. The building is 16 x 24 feet, with a shed roof that is 10 feet high on the south side and 8 feet high on the north. It is framed with 2 x 6 studs on 24 inch centers, and sided with pine from our property. We built it from the foundation holes up in 3 months, working like crazy on weekends and in the evenings. Strider did use a bunch of vacation days to make our weekends 3 or 4 days in the end! We had help now and then-a bunch of neighbors came over for a morning to get the roof metal on, family and friends came out for a day or two here and there, however, Strider and I did much of the work ourselves. We spent about $5000.
When you enter our house and walk through the kitchen into the “great room” you see our table first:

Strider built the window out of cedar we had sawn and double pane fixed glass panels from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. To the right of the table is an open area:

with one wall made of built in bookshelves:

We use this space for overflow play from the boys’ room or setting up clothes drying racks, but mostly just as a little empty area. It feels good and spacious to have open floor in this small space. Our gas jotul stove was another ReStore find:

I got it for $75, and then we spent $500 and several months tracking down missing pieces and the vent set-up. We ended up spending much less than a new stove, but it was such a headache, we won’t go secondhand on such an appliance again! The glass door will hopefully someday soon step out onto a little screen porch. The chalkboard painted door goes to the Eli and Isaac’s bedroom. To the left of the table is our sitting area:

also with a wall shelves, and me and Strider‘s bedroom door:

The wall and ceiling sheathing is ¼ inch underlayment plywood from Lowes. It cost around $10 for a 4 x 8 sheet. Using our nail gun to fasten it to the wall studs, it went up satisfyingly fast. Katie and I put a coat of clear polyurethane on the ceiling, which really warmed it up. I didn’t want the graining to get to claustrophobic, so we “pickled” the walls by brushing on, then wiping off watered down white latex paint. I can’t wait to get the trim up on the walls and around the windows. Our little couch is from Ikea. I upholstered it with fabric also from Ikea. It is tiny, we are kicking around the idea of building a built in couch the entire width of the room. There aren’t as many gadgets that make this part of our house different from a regular house. We occasionally miss having our computers for entertaining ourselves, but it hasn't been nearly as burdensome as I'd anticipated. The biggest adjustment was how little room there is for our stuff! A lot of our things are still in storage. It has been interesting to realize how much of our stuff we don’t need or even miss.

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