Design Week Day 5: Problems & gardening

(I am having major technical issues and can't get iPhoto to work this morning! Hopefully I'll be able to add some photos to this post soon but I wanted to share my Design Week progress at least....)

This is the final day in Fresh Stitches' Design Week and today's theme is Problems

I've just about wrapped up the design that I've been talking about all week and sadly can't share more about its progress just yet. I did have a few problems with the design, the first draft I made was way too narrow- babies' feet are fat! But on the second go around, I got the sizing right. It's not a problem, but I think the finishing is critically important in the final look of a piece and I haven't added the final touches- buttons and embellishments yet, hoping to do that this weekend.

(Photo here- imagine a photo of my worktable with both projects on it)

No time to pause, I've also moved onto another baby slipper design. This one is chunkier and combines knitting that is felted, and not felted- you felt a piece and then knit more onto it. It's pretty clever (if I do say so myself!) and I'm pleased with how it is going so far. Hopefully I will complete both pairs of samples this weekend.

One of the things that has been challenging to me this time of year is to stay focused on my knitting design and writing work when the garden is beckoning! We've only lived at our current house for two gardening seasons and I'm working out the "bones" of our yard and garden this year. Happily, I'm still squeezing in some gardening time, and have a great knitting spot on the porch where I can survey the garden. 

(Photo here- imagine a photo of my pea seedlings breaking ground.)

I'm enjoying using Pinterest to pin ideas for my yard and garden. I'm going for a modern potager look and am hammering in lots of stakes and making big plans.  Here's my garden board.