Design Week Day 4: Design Progress

Today is the day to share Progress Photos for the patterns we're working on.
I spent the day on my porch yesterday, knitting and doing math to get the proportions of the slipper to work out right. I think I've got the shape figured out for the slipper, and am happy it took just two tries to get it right- there is plenty of yarn left to make another pair.
I can't show the finished slipper yet, you'll have to look for it in my book, but here's a shot of one of the earlier drafts behind a non-felted final draft. 

I did some of the math for the different sizes as I worked, but now it's time to finish the stitch and row counts for the different sizes. Then I will need to make a finished pair for a sample. I am thinking about doing needle-felting on the toe, and am on the look-out for some sweet and tiny buttons for the strap. 
I'm also thinking about how to alter this design for a boy, maybe make it into a tiny boot? Not sure, but as the mom of two boys, I want to be sure to figure that out, because I remember what it's like to try to find knitting patterns suitable for boys. Tomorrow is the final day of design week, wrap up and reflection, and I may also sneak in a few photos of what's growing in my garden.