Design Week Day 3: Yarn

I'm participating in Design Week over at Fresh Stitches. It's been so great to see how other people move through the process from concept to finished pattern, I'm glad Stacey organized this! 

Monday I shared inspiration and sketches, Tuesday I showed a technique I use when designing and today's topic is yarn selection.

For this project, which is a vintage shoe-inspired baby slipper, I wanted to end up with felted knitting that was thin, smooth and relatively non-fuzzy. I figured I'd try a fingering weight yarn. Many yarns that are fingering weight are superwash, which is great for socks, but won't work for felting. Also, I have been anxious to try Brookyln Tweed's yarns. Their palette seemed a perfect fit for the aesthetic of my book, and I appreciate that the yarn is domestically grown and produced. I requested some Loft yarn and they graciously provided some for this project.

It's lovely yarn, soft and springy with a vintage feel. It's heathered in a subtle, pleasing way and it felts evenly with very minimal fuzz. It's not super-soft in the hank, but I actually prefer wool that feels like wool. Knitting with the elastic, evenly-plied yarn is smooth and pleasant.

I have to add that I'm used to working with inexpensive "workhorse" yarns like Cascade 220 or Lamb's Pride, and it does feel different to be trying "drafts" of felted projects with this special yarn! It's always a bit sad to felt something that doesn't turn out quite right, because you can't rip it out and try again. It often takes me a few tries before I get the shaping of a piece just right. I feel that tension more acutely when using this yarn. Happily, I think my next (second) try will work out just right. Anyway, back to the yarn- I wanted something that looked like a crisp Fall day so I chose the "Wool Socks" colorway. 

I'm planning to spend the rest of the morning on my front porch, knitting the second draft of this slipper design. Tomorrow I'll share more about the Design Process.