New look for Duo Fiberworks Shop

I'm happy to say that there are quite a few members in the Duo Fiberworks group on Ravelry. I was kinda worried that I would make a group and the only people who would join would be my friends from my knitting group who I asked to join. But happily that is not the case and I'm looking forward to having some fun over there talking about knitting and felting. I am giving away one of my patterns- your choice- to the first 25 folks who request one over there and there are still a few patterns left to give, so please do go join up and post a comment in the forum. 

Also, I've tweaked the shop pages quite a bit here on the blog. (Actually my husband gets most of the credit for that.) I'm so pleased with how clean and fresh it looks. You can now purchase all the patterns from our e-book individually, including Laura's sewing and paperwork designs. 

We're also in the process of re-doing the layout for all my knitting patterns, I'm kinda embarrassed with how the Katie from four years ago made them. The content is fine and good, but the fonts and style are not super-fresh. So they still be jam-packed with how-to photos and professionally edited patterns, but will be smaller documents that are easier to print and read from a tablet device. I'll let you know when those are live.