Winding yarn saves the day

I've been clicking along knitting and writing for the book, and this week has been particularly productive. Figuring out palettes, knitting multiple samples, soliciting yarn support, knitting swatches, tweaking pattern math, I've been the picture of productivity. But yesterday afternoon around 4:00, the good work just stopped. Stumped by a technical problem and frustrated with the project I was working on, I was immediately discouraged, convinced my mojo was gone, not to return for days.

So I went into my studio to wind some yarn. I figured that it was a task that needed to be done, but didn't require my brain. This is what I found.

My son Julian who had joined me in the studio to do some important online research (watch a walk-through for a video game), explained to me that he had set up my swift with some sock and mitten blockers and a paper face to be a "man."

I carefully dismantled swift man and got to work. 

I wound four skeins before I felt normal and good. My eyes wandered around the studio, looking at all my non-knitting projects in progress. I made a yarn rainbow to brighten up my desk.

I wrote a quick blog post, admired Julian's portraits of me and Michael that he drew after his lesson in facial proportions in art class,  

and looked over all of the work that I have already done for the book. The collection is gaining more cohesiveness and presence. It's happening and it's good. I can't wait to share it all with you!

After all that and an impromptu dance party with my studio-mate,

(to vintage Beastie Boys), things had totally turned around and I felt ready to go again, with renewed confidence and problem-solving energy. Good thing I still have lots of yarn that needs to be wound!