Color-full February

I just finished a pair of fingerless mitts.

They are perfect for this warmish winter we are having in Kentucky, and the palette makes me hopeful for spring. Knit from Noro of course, it's Silk Garden Sock. I fiddled a bit with the yarn and kinda matched them, and the jump to orange makes me happy.

They are trim so I can wear them under my jacket and plenty-long so I can scrunch them. 

I'm also enjoying this new addition to the side table that has become my knitting work station. 

I just put together my seed order and am dreaming about working in my garden. I was delighted to find Susan Cohan's boards on Pinterest- so, so much garden inspiration!  

For a bit more color in your February, don't forget to knit up one of my Color Stripe Vessels and fill out the survey to have a chance to win a $50 gift card to Webs and a set of Color Stripe Vessels that I made. There's a week until the deadline and I'm so pleased with the dozens of responses so far- thanks to all who have participated already!