::Tangents is the collection spot for the things we're thinking about, obsessively researching, and doing at home and on the web.

Katie's Tangents:

My two favorite seed catalogs have arrived, so the 2013 gardening season has commenced- in my head. 

Turns out fifth-grade basketball tournaments are a great place to knit, I've been working on socks all weekend and have two done to the heel. (Of course, it's two different patterns, sizes and yarns, it would have been way too efficient of me to have a pair of socks underway!) 

My kids are in school right now but I just started reading this book- Project Based Homeschooling- and I've been preoccupied with trying to determine the best way for them to grow, learn and be in the world. 

Laura's Tangents:

I've been making lots of these easy little paper stars lately:

So glad the gloomy rain drove mine and Katie's families to half price books today-I picked up a copy of Tasha Tudor's advent calendar:

Also this week Katie gave me two vintage German advent calendars:

Between these and our beloved playmobil advent calendar, we've got the counting down thing covered....

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