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Katie's tangents

We're building a boat! 

Using the plans for a Micro Mouse which are available online and in this book, and using just one sheet of plywood, we're making a boat for Julian to use in the creeks and ponds around Berea. Michael and Avery want little boats too, and we have the supplies to make a few more tiny boats. It's been a great family project.

I've been in a real funk creatively, and am trying to just ride it out and settle into the winter break. Meanwhile, I've made more dumplings (now using my very own copy of the wonderful Asian Dumplings book thanks to my sister Abby!) and can now add steamed buns to my repertoire. A dumpling party is in my future! 

After finding a perfect-fitting pair of J Brand jeans at Gabriel Brother's for $3 that were marred by a small tear along the zipper, I was delighted to discover Denim Therapy. They fix up holes and tears in jeans for a reasonable price. Their before and after photos are amazing, and I can't wait to see how they repair the jeans I'm sending them. 

Laura's Tangents:

I'm working on a very colorful baby quilt:

It is the Crazy Star quilt from Denyse Schmidt's Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration. So nice to work with bright, cheerful fabrics while it is cold and grey outside. 

My boys and I got new diaries for Christmas-for them Q and A a Day for Kids, which is already a hit-the questions are thoughtful and compelling-and for me Tamara Shopsin's 5 Year Diary. I adore how compact mine is, and the book log in the back:


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