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Laura's Tangents:

Had fun getting a few ornaments made with Katie:

I enjoyed spending time with Denyse Schmidt's new book this week-the crazy star quilt really appeals to me:

And biggest news of all-thanks to a giant crane and lots of friends and neighbors-the house we are (slowly) building is so much closer to having a roof:

 Katie's Tangents

I spent the weekend reviewing the second pass of my book, The Knitted Slipper Book. It's so close to being done and shipped off to the printer! 

Today was the day we got our Christmas tree, and for once, the grownups won at the tree farm and we ended up with a small, slim tree. Now I think it might be too small, oops. 

We currently have a houseguest. He's great but he eats all the cheese. 

He looks sad in this photo, and he does miss Abby and Josh, but really, I think he's wishing I would give him the bit of parmesan crepe already.... 


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