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::Projects on our work table or needles.

Katie's Projects:

I've been making up for lost time and working on knitting. I even made a chunky sweater for Laura's husband Strider- 

Did I fool you? It's actually for a little guy I'm making for Strider, a little knitted whirly-gig, hopefully. I scaled up this pattern

Michael's sweater is now done and drying. It grew and grew (maybe too much!) and will fit just fine, I think. I'm pleased to get this done and frankly it feels a bit anti-climatic to get it done with a week to spare. 

My dog Rascal loves it too, even as it's damp, I found him here when I returned to the studio....

Look at those sad eyes not making eye contact and that wagging tail! He knows what's up. 

I'll share my progress on the little knitted man for Strider tomorrow, he now has knitted pants, knitted hat, embroidery-floss face and roving beard. I'm working on the wood mechanism this afternoon. 

Laura's Projects:

First off, check out what Strider has been working on most evenings:

He got really into making spoons after we took that class-these are all destined to be gifts. Aren't the small ones sweet? Perfect for all the babies coming into our circle of friends and family.

I am making slow headway on the vest for Isaac:

Wow does a hood needs to be big to be functional!

Also in progress on this blessedly sunny day, I washed a bunch of hand knits as my cat, Max, has been sleeping on our hats and scarves basket. I thought it was charming until I realized the extent of cat hair on things (sigh):

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