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Katie's Tangents

It's been a quiet week. I've been sick and am still recovering and my boys are in various stages of being or getting sick. But there have been many bright spots, here are there. 

Avery loves playing Jack Straws and I will happily play if we can sit in front if the woodstove. 

I'm having fun wrapping special gifts. I used brown packing paper, a vintage stamp grab-bag, embroidery floss baker's twine and plan to add free printable vintage-esque mailing labels

Image from Duckworks Magazine

I've spent the past two days captivated by the idea of building a tiny boat with my son Julian this winter. This is a little 6' long boat that can be made with one sheet of plywood. It's called a Micromouse and I think it would be so much fun for the boys to paddle around the creek with one. I started a new Pinterest board with all my small-boat dreaming

Laura's Tangents:

I thrift (or lately, make!) nearly all of my wardrobe, but perfect boots are hard to find-so excited to know the ones I've been coveting are on the way!

Looking forward to making painted cookies this week-this technique can't be beat.

Enjoying having our Christmas books unpacked-especially Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes-a winter-y companion to what just may be my favorite kids' book- Father Fox's Pennyrhymes.


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