In progress

::Projects on our work table or needles

Laura's Projects:

I finished a pair of super simple mitts for Strider:

And the vest I am making for Isaac is really coming along:

So, so happy to find the child's placket-neck pullover on ravelry when searching for how to make a bottom-up raglan work. I also found help on how to add a hood. We are going away for the weekend-10+ hours in the car and I have 3 (three) knitting projects packed-just in case. (I've also looked up yarn shops in the town we are headed to...)

Katie's Project's:

Very little knitting happened at my place in the last week, but I did do the collar for Michael's sweater- 

It's not all the way seamed, but looks pretty good. I still fear that the whole thing is too small, hoping to block it larger this weekend. 

Whipped up a baby hat for a friend's new baby boy and got more sock knitting done. I set out to knit more socks by just keeping one in-progress in my bag and am finding all sorts of little bits of time to get a few rows it. Next up in my queue: shark mittens for Avery and then a bunch of hats for the men on my Christmas list- gotta get a move on!