Accidental Knitting

This post contains holiday-knitting spoilers, so I've instructed the affected party (my husband Michael) to refrain from reading. But I can't possibly wait until January to share my knitting here, so it's a risk I'm willing to take. Especially since Michael and I are inveterate early gift-givers. 

I was knitting a hat that was taking too long. (It's Rikke, worked flat and with slightly more stitches since I'm using thinner yarn. I'm almost to the crown decreases- but not yet, argh.)

So I started a sweater instead. 

I cast on Saturday night and worked some on Sunday and Monday, and am about up to the armpits. 

It's going to be a shawl-collared pullover. I messed around with doing an asymmetric rib border on the bottom. I like it. The cuffs will have deep ribbing. This bulky yarn is the same as Laura used for her Idlewood, and it knits up so quickly on size 10.5 needles. I couldn't find a sweater pattern for what I want to make, so I think I'm going to use Elizabeth Zimmerman's directions for a Saddle-shoulder seamless hybrid in Knitting Without Tears and do a steek for the shawl-collar neckline. Not sure. But for now, it's on to the sleeves, maybe my brain will puzzle it all out while I'm working on them. 

Also for some drama, I'm not convinced I will have enough yarn. And as this is barely-labelled "new old stock" from a yarn shop that's three states away, I am anxious to figure out how much I will need. I'm making an ambitious gift-knitting list, so I'm hoping this sweater continues to click right along.