::Tangents is the collection spot for the things we're thinking about, obsessively researching, and doing at home and on the web. 

 Katie's Tangents:

Enjoyed Rosanne Cash's memoir Composed. Interesting to read about her creative process, even though it is in a medium I know so little about.

Helped my boys with last-minute Halloween costumes- this year we had an Eragorn and a vampire. Laura made incredible Revolutionary war uniforms for her boys who were George Washington and a soldier.

Bought ingredients to make more Homemade Lara Bars for weekday snacking. 

Delighted in having lots of coffee around lately. Inspired by this article, we bought an assortment of green coffee from Sweet Maria's. Combined with a $4.00 thrift-shop popcorn popper, we're roasting fresh coffee daily and it's so much better (and cheaper!) than anything available locally. (Apologies if I've mentioned this before, but it's a biggie for me right now, want to be sure to share) 

Started composing my holiday gift-making list. There's lots of knitting on that list... need to get moving! 

SO looking forward to picking up my first-ever CSA box this week! 

Laura's Tangents:

Strider and I invested in new tools so we could continue making spoons and bowls. This week he finished a poplar dough bowl started in our class.

It fits perfectly on the shelf above our bedroom door-an ideal repository for newly purchased christmas present making yarn.

Despite a couple of frosty mornings the alpine strawberry plants I started from seed this past spring are still bearing (tiny) handfuls of fruit:

(I got seeds for white and red alpine strawberries here-I highly recommend this catalogue- it is filled with lots of unusual and hard to find seeds.)