In progress

I've got several little irons in the fire right now. My boro-style jeans are still happening:

This is a time consuming project-I hope they aren't too wacky to wear when they are finished. When they are done, I think I am going to dip them in a light black walnut or indigo dye bath to lessen the contrast between the patches.

I just started my first ever knitted hat:

The pattern is the Purl Beret, and the yarn is Malabrigo Rios. I hope to finish this very soon-it is cold and my hair is short!

I've been painting a batch of house blessings lately. (See here and here for others.) Some to sell, some to give away:

Inspired by traditional Pennsylvania German frakturs, I started making house blessings ages ago. My style has gradually shifted into my own folk-y aesthetic. My sister Abby, and her husband Josh just bought a new place so a custom one was in order:

Hmm, as great as all these projects are, none of these are Christmas gifts, and I swore I was going to start earlier this year....