Tutorial: Kindling Necklaces

I've been making all kinds of necklaces lately, but I must confess, these are my favorite. 

When I spotted the split-off bits of cherry wood on the ground- shards remaining from  my husband’s firewood splitting work, I hoped they could be made into something that would show off cherry’s pretty color and delicate grain. I gathered my hand tools and made a handful of wooden beads in an afternoon.  I imposed little of my own ideas onto these beads, preferring to simply smooth the grain and cut them to size. Now I have a collection of simple and diverse necklaces to give as gifts, one more way to share the warmth of our woodpile. 

Would you like to make some too? I put together a pdf with step-by-step directions - download it here. Even if you have little woodworking experience, find a pocket knife, rummage around your woodpile and give these a go- I promise they are easy and fun. Plus, if you mess up, just toss the wood back into the kindling box and begin again.  Leave a link in the comments if you blog about the wooden beads you make- I'd love to see them.