::Tangents is the collection spot for the things we're thinking about, obsessively researching, and doing at home and on the web. 

Katie's tangents:

Thinking a lot about place, family and new traditions this week. 

Glad to have stumbled upon this She Made it: Lori Pickert article. The whole thing is really great, but this quote is the one I'm hanging in my studio- 

Be deliberate about your choices. Define who you are and what you want out of life, then make it your everyday mission to live that life.... Make your environment support your goals — everything you see and touch should remind you of your priorities and values.

I loved this blog post by Louise Langsner about eating breakfast with green-wood carver Wille Sundqvist and his wife Gunnel. 

Laura's tangents:

Turns out the biggest Linden tree in the entire US is in Lexington, KY. And when I recently went to the city with my forest ranger husband, we visted it:

(See if you have any champion trees nearby here.)