Obscure Craft Book Thursday: The Apartment Book

We've missed sharing awesome and old craft books we've found with you here, so we're re-starting our series of Obscure Craft Book Thursdays. Each week we'll share a vintage craft book that we find curious, delightful or inspiring, see here for our past posts in this series. The book I'm sharing today is one I picked up at Mennonite "Reuzit" thrift shop outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania when I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago. It certainly falls into the "so bad it's good" category. 

It was put out by the editors of Apartment Life magazine, and from the looks of things, the magazines were just as awesome as this book. (Here's more history about the magazine in a ReadyMade blog post.)

Published in 1979, this book is rife with examples of over-the-top 70's decorating. 

And some laugh-out loud images:

and writing. Here's a taste-

Babies. The very word conjures decisions, risks, adjustments and anxieties. The least worry should be where to put the crib."

Here's how these clever people figured it out- 

Is the image large enough for you to see the serene parents and the crying baby? Oh my. 

There are also several celebrity apartments featured. Like the multi-level country-chic bachelor pad owned by Richard Dreyfuss, 

and John Belushi's soundproof music room.

But! It's not all laughs and out-dated decor. The book is full of how-to's. This lighting set-up would be perfect in my studio.

and there are detailed directions for how to make it- 

Also, I'm intrigued by the idea of this rug, 

As it's similar to these rugs that I have admired for years. 

There are many more snippets of ideas, projects and plans that are useful and interesting, and I enjoy seeing the decorating/craft world through pre-Apartment Therapy or Design Sponge eyes sometimes.

Do you have any favorite obscure craft books we should check out? Who knows what is tucked away on your bookshelf- I'd love to hear your comments. 

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