Kempton Dispatch: Friday & Saturday

Well, Katie and I finished our sweaters, so we kinda HAD to go to the local yarn shop...Yarns R Us is a super friendly, well stocked shop.

They carry mostly new yarns, but also have lots of fantastic new old stock from acquiring the inventory of a closing yarn shop. I love the vintage-y wools, and got a pile for my next project-the lovely Idlewood. 

On Saturday we hit 2 library book sales and came away with stacks of books-I sense we may be reviving our obscure craft book series for awhile! If we are in PA on a Saturday, we are obliged to go to Renningers Antiques & Farmers Market. There are many stalls of gorgeous meat and veggies, but we go for the maze-y rabbit warren of junk-(just don't think about fires when poking around in here):

We spent ages rifling through an entire booth of one dollar jewelry-even the boys who were successful in their search for plain golden "precious" rings:

We capped off our last day with a perfect and bittersweet ramble to the top of the hill:

So, we've returned to KY well rested- with piles of books, bags of yarn and fabric, and boxes of thrifted treasures-excited to catch up with the people and places we miss when we are away.

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