Almost finished-Idlewood

I've finally taken the sweater I'm knitting off the needles so I could try it on-I can't imagine knitting a sweater any other way but top down! I love how fast this is going. I started just 3 weeks ago, and after a glance at forecast for the cold, rainy weekend ahead, I'm confident I'll finish it in a couple of days-(Trying to look on the bright side of a rainy weekend-not much house building will be getting done!) The sweater gets 4 more inches of length on the bottom, and garter stitch bands on the sleeve:

I think it fits really well-slim but not too tight-and the cowl is the perfect size:

I'm not sure about attaching my Noro mitts as sleeves-I'll leave that decision for when the sweater is done, and I can try them both on together...Soon enough!