Indigo morning

Our town's established weavers' guild hosted an indigo dyeing workshop on Saturday- what a fun opportunity to mingle with others who share our fiber-y interests! We used pre reduced indigo kits, (You can find indigo kits here.) if you have never dyed with indigo, this is a super easy, guaranteed successful way to try it!  The workshop leaders brought a few examples of things they dyed previously:

Thinking of creating a few more patches for my boro jeans project, I brought several different fabrics to try-including a few different tickings:

We got right down to business:

Standing with your hands in a bucket is a great time to chat a bit:

It is always exciting to dye in a group-both to share experience and ideas, and to see all the work as it comes out of the dye. Katie unfurled a large clamped piece-the greenish is temporary while the indigo continues to oxidize:

I will never tire of watching fabric turn from yellowish green straight out of the vat to indigo blue:

Katie dyed some of her local roving for a wet felting project:

Some of my pieces, washed, ironed, and ready to use. The water-y stripe on the right is the fabric scrunched down the tube above.

The guild has plans to present monthly workshops, and next month we are going to share what we have made with our freshly dyed fiber. I can't wait to see what folks come up with.

Thanks to the Berea Weavers Guild for hosting this great, community building event.