Tutorial: Neon Twig Necklace Rack

Regular readers may have noticed that Laura and I are kicking up our blogging intensity lately. Now that my book is done for the most part, I'm so excited to have more time to focus on new projects to share with you all. It's about to be nonstop fun over here as we've got SO many good tutorials and free (knitting & sewing!) patterns in the works. We're planning to post a new project a few times a month and are kicking things off is a tutorial for my Neon Twig Necklace Rack. I made mine in less than two hours with just a couple materials. 

Having a place to hang my necklaces has been so nice! And I love the neon twigs so much, the combo of the weathered barn wood and bright shiny twigs makes me happy.

Want to make one too? Keep reading. If you are interested in buying some sustainably-harvested Kentucky barn wood lumber to make a necklace rack of your own, please leave a comment, we're thinking about offering some for sale soon. 

Materials & Tools

Twigs- I trimmed bits from a fallen oak branch in my yard

Barnwood piece- the one measures about 14" long and 5" wide

White spray paint

Neon paint





Drill with 1/4" bit


Piece of styrofoam

1. Cut a bunch of little twigs.

2. Stick them into styrofoam and spray paint. I did two light coats.

3. Paint neon.

4. While paint is drying, drill holes in barnwood, using a ruler to be sure they're spaced evenly. I drilled at an angle so the twigs would be angled slightly upward. I also drilled three holes at the top of the center back for hanging. 

5. Whittle down the end of the twigs so they fit snugly in the holes. 

6. Put a bit of glue into each hole and insert a twig into each one. Done!