New materials: wood & wool

I've been collecting new materials lately. Some are for projects I have in mind- like this kiln-dried sycamore lumber I picked up yesterday from a sawmill. 

I have an appointment on Monday to meet up with someone who's going to help me turn this into something functional, (wearable!) and lovely. I'll share more next week, but for now, here's a hint- I specifically hunted down this type of wood because it's a hardwood that is split-resistant, springy and relatively light. It was traditionally used for the product I'm trying to make both England and in the US...any guesses?

I also somehow acquired lots more wool, both fabric and yarn. 

Thrifted wool suiting yardage and enough gray yarn to make two sweaters (there's more of the gray yarn around, still in my unpacked car...). I was going to make myself a pair of socks with the Crazy Zaurball, but my frog-obsessed son insists that is "frog yarn" and he would really like it if I made a pair of socks for him. He's right- it IS frog-looking yarn, so we'll see.  The suiting is for some bag projects I've been contemplating. 

Finally, MORE wool, 2 pounds of beautiful, local Border Leicester roving and my favorite Peace Fleece Rainbow roving pack

This will be felted soon, looking forward to doing some wet and needle felting. 

Now to find a place to put all these new materials- that's the trick, isn't it?!