Working Lunch

Thanks to everyone here and on Facebook who expressed so much support and excitement about The Knitted Slipper Book! It's really an exciting time and so fun to share with all of you.

Yesterday I had an important working lunch at Laura's place. 

First I had to inspect a building site- stand in the spot where Laura's new shower will be and look out her kitchen "windows." Laura and Strider have put up a few of the interior walls in the past week and all the outside walls are done. It won't be long before a crane visits the meadow to put up the roof trusses. It's all very exciting. 

I also did some serious analysis-- (as I always do!) comparing my garden to Laura's. Her artichokes are enviable, and her winter greens look happy and healthy. The mild weather we're having is keeping everything growing well.

We really did have some blog business to talk about and we discussed our plans to make some tutorial videos and offer new knitting (and maybe sewing!) patterns here soon. 

Then after some food, we did some serious calculation and figured out how to make Laura's Idlewood fit her well even though her gauge was a bit different from the pattern. 

She is making so much progress on that sweater and will have it to wear this fall! It looks beautiful. And we talked about how to make her NEXT sweater using a neutral along with striping yarn- like the Crazy Zaurball in the photo. Laura favored this one, but I just discovered this one as well. Though we're both leaning towards making pullovers next. 

Meanwhile, I was knitting away on a new felting project that will be offered here on the blog for free. It's a little decoration to brighten up your house this winter. 

Just a heads up, if you don't have sequins around, you will seriously want some for this project so scout some out soon!