A real book.

So far, The Knitted Slipper Book, the project that has consumed my creative energy for the past year and has been tumbling around in my thoughts for a couple more than that, has existed in stacks of sketchbooks, knitted samples, and computer files. But yesterday a package arrived at my door, certifying that indeed, all this work is producing something tangible. It's my book! 

These spreads are the "first pass" of four times that we - multiple editors, proofreaders and myself, will go though carefully and make notes and corrections. The designer will fix things up and send it back to us in a deliberate back and forth until February when the book will go to press. Then it will be published in Autumn 2013, about one year from now.

One of the things I loved about STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books titles before I was an author was how beautiful their books were, but also how they were content-rich and full of helpful detail. I'm so glad to report that this book is no exception. There are many how-to photos and step-by-step directions so the slippers you knit will be just as lovely as the samples in the book. 

And they ARE lovely samples, I think, so charmingly photographed by Mika Nakanishi in Tokyo this summer.

There are 30 slipper designs in the book, felted and not, for adults, babies and children, and Miao Wang, the designer, has included lots of little features throughout the book to make it both beautiful and functional. Like these title tabs, I love this touch. 

So now, it's time for me to revisit all the words (and math!) one more time to ensure that things are exactly as clear as they can be for the knitters -including you I hope!- who will be making slippers for themselves and their loved ones.