Sewing projects in process-part 1

So, here is a project that has been brewing for a long time. I first got a jolt of inspiration in my book on the masterful textile designer: Jack Lenor Larsen Creator and Collector. A heavily mended indigo futon cover from Japan:

Apparently, this is called boro mending, and it is the reason I stumbled onto Pinterest for the first time:






 I'll stop at three. If you search for "boro" on Pinterest, be prepared to spend awhile poking around. Thanks to Pinterest for leading me to this book. I'll be interlibrary loaning it pronto! 

Googling "boro mending" took me to the beautiful Spirit Cloth. What an incredibly rich site-I can't wait to spend some time there. 

All this research for these, my motivation, threadbare favorite jeans:

These were perfectly thin, raggedy and patched when new, but now I can't wear them for fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Happily I have a large collection of fabric scraps, heavy on the hand dyed indigo:

Not all these fabrics are indigo, I'm using anything from my collection with the right feel. A combination of hand and machine stitching strengthen the areas that really need reinforcing. This is just the beginning of what I hope to do with these...the other leg needs work as does the backside.  It is so nice to do some hand stitching- I've missed it.