Things I found

:: I'm making Smitten Kitchen's Carnitas again for dinner tonight. They are one of the great food discoveries in recent history for our family. So easy and so good. 

:: Little Home Blessings just posted about her sons' making fruits and vegetables inspired by my simple wood carving tutorials.  They made an amazing assortment of veggies! 

:: This sweet crocheted dress by Sophie at Piquerat makes me wish for a moment that I had a girl to make it for and also that I knew how to crochet. 

:: Yesterday was balmy and Michael and I worked outside, cleaning out the gutters (him) and moving firewood (me). Inspired by Laura's series of Winter Rainbows, I found a firewood rainbow of sorts- 

Ash, Black Walnut, Locust, Ash (x2), Tree of Heaven (x2).