This summer, at the Quilt Extravaganza market in our little town, my friend Carol Ann had a great booth of vintage craft supplies, quilt tops and fabric. I bought a couple quilt tops from her and also picked out some vintage buckles. 

I think they were .35 cents each. While I am focusing most of my creative energy on the book, shoe and leatherwork thoughts are percolating in my free time. I used a buckle recently to make a belt (more on that another day), and have big ideas for jewelry or more belts. But I only had a few and since they were precious, I wasn't really using them. 

Then, this week my friend Teresa pressed a large ziploc bag into my hands. It was full of vintage buckles- 

an unreal assortment of beautiful things! 

Here's a closer look at the colorful ones.

I have so many favorites. Like this one- 

and this-

and this-

and this- 

I look forward to using them. Sometimes I struggle with using special things, prefering to just "have" them, tucked away in my studio. But I'm determined to work them into some of my new projects. Also, I was so moved by Teresa's generous gesture, I'm planning to pass it on to another creative friend soon.