Rainbow Wrapped Candles

Shortly after making the rainbow wreath, I came across my candle decorating wax -very appealing thin sheets of brightly colored wax. I’ve never been happy with my attempts to use this stuff so it had languished-unused and uninspired. I figured if little stripes of color made such an impact on a wreath why not on candles as well? I'm keeping things simple for myself these days. Candle decorating wax can be found here. One box of wax will allow you to decorate many candles using this method-especially if you use tapers rather than pillars.

You will need: a ruler-a grided ruler makes it very easy to cut the wax, a x-acto knife, candles, candle decorating wax:

Choose the colors you want for your stripes. I’ve done several variations of a rainbow, of course, and stripes of several different yellows and oranges look great as well.

Use the x-acto knife and grided ruler to cut ¼ inch strips from a long side of the sheets of wax:

Wrap the first strip of wax around the candle and press it in place. The warmth and pressure of your fingers fixes the wax to the candle:

When you get back to where you started, use the x-acto knife to trim off excess wax:

Use the remaining wax for the second candle. Continue adding strips of wax. For these candles I stacked the strips, I’ve also spaced them an inch or so apart down the length of the candle.